Ways to get fat in a few days

Ways to get fat in a few days

Obesity is just as uncomfortable for us as it is uncomfortable for us to be overweight and thin. There are many of us who are taking various medications for obesity. It is more and more ugly to fall and see them. But if we all know how to get fat and diet then we can get fat very easily.

Ways to get fat in a few days

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Here are some effective ways to get fat:

  • 1 / Calories: We need more calories than we need to lose weight in the same way that we reduce calories when we want to lose body weight. As a result of consuming more than 400/500 grams of calories per day, our body will start gaining weight within a week.

  • 2 / Proton: In order to gain weight fast, we need to eat protein foods along with the amount of calories we will consume every day. For example, pulses and milk, etc. If our body protein is reduced, then more fat will be created in the body for calories, which is harmful for the body, so we need to eat the right amount of protein in addition to calories.

  • 3 / Carbohydrates: We know that rice and bread have a lot of carbohydrates. We need to eat more carbohydrates in our daily diet. It is also important to note that carbohydrates are harmful to our body if we eat too much of them in a way that helps us gain weight.

  • 4 / Dry Foods: We know that cashew nuts, nuts, raisins are dry foods. And we have no substitute for dry foods to get fat fast. Because it has a lot of calories and fat which helps us to get fat.

  • 5 / Chocolate, cheese, ice cream, burgers: We all know that outside foods are harmful to our health. These outside foods such as ice cream, burgers, chocolate contain a lot of fat. So it is very effective in rapid body weight gain, but keep in mind, these can not be eaten in large quantities, but if you eat a little every day, then we will gain weight quickly.

  • 6/ More food: We need to eat more food than our body needs to get fat. We need to eat food every 2/3 hours every day. Just as it will nourish our body, it will also increase our body weight.

  • 7 / Sleep: In case of body weight gain, it is very necessary to get 8/10 hours of sleep every day. Because if we don't get enough sleep, both our body and mind are bad. And as a result, we do not like to eat anything. So it is very important to sleep properly to get fat fast.

  • 8/ Exercise: In the field of weight loss, the only thing that is necessary for the mother is exercise, but it is not, the role of exercise in the field of weight gain is a lot. This requires proper gym trainer.

In conclusion, health is an invaluable asset to us. So we will all take care of our health. And for this we say .....

Health is an asset

Stay healthy, stay well

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